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Right now we are traveling through a time that we will look back on in history and be amazed by it. We have never been in a time quite like this before. 

I believe because things are changing so rapidly we aren’t taking time to slow down enough to even notice. We have stopped wondering.

We arent remembering everything is connected and that we have a choice, We follow because there is an undercurrent of fear throughout the collective. 

Fear is a state that when we land there we are easier to control. The longer we stay there the more we spiral down into lower vibrational energies – that’s human nature when we forget that we are in fact, one with all things, and when we so easily forget we are actually made up of energy.

Let us begin to expand our awareness, bringing the world to a higher frequency and consciousness because it will be our only chance at actually making a difference. Although part of me sometimes feels it might be too late. 

If we take a look at the ocean and land, for example, we are slowly being destructive, we as humans help the destruction of the ocean and land by being ignorant. 

What will humans do when there is no clean air left to breathe or edible food left to consume. 

Let me make an inquiry to your highest self.. Since covid started unraveling itself have you started taking more care of your health?

Here are a few things that I believe should be advertised more, things we can do to be in a state of choosing better for ourselves: Getting enough sun, water, fresh air, healthy eating, lowering stress, getting enough sleep, having enough herbs and vitamins to support a healthy thriving immune system.

Fear and stress is a quick way to suppress an immune system. 

Whatever is going on collectively there is confusion amongst us, the energy I am personally feeling is asking us to clear

Clearing ourselves of emotions we have held for far too long, relationships that have passed the use-by date, habits that no longer serve us, any suppressed ways of thinking or being.

This clearing energy is uncomfortable but if you make the conscious choice to know that is exactly what it is and begin to work with it then you will be returning to your center much more frequently. 

Clearing things from your life is an act of empowerment in a world that seems to be encouraging more and more personal power to be stripped away. 

Clearing ourselves is freeing ourselves. 

Clearing things step by step, doesn’t have to be scary or a big thing, all change can start somewhere small, clearing allows us to make choices that keep our energy strong, to be true to ourselves, and to connect with our internal compass and create a future from a place of peace rather than fear. 

What choices can you make today that will make a difference in your life? We change the world by changing what we can within ourselves.

What’s happening around you is happening within you…

You are more powerful than you know. Please remember that.



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