it’s so wonderful you are here. You have connected with me because of the work I do.

You may feel life is no longer as simple as it was. Something – or everything – is changing, whether it’s welcomed or not. Call it a crisis, awakening, time of illness or injury, a shakeup, a breakdown… Whatever is showing up right now is meant to be here, maybe you feel blocked, some resistance, a sense of darkness, or feeling lost.

Some shadow work is here to be uncovered and in the healing process, you can really shine the light on who you are, what you are doing, what it means to feel your truth and make choices from there. You can unlearn your conditioning to rebuild a new way of life, rewire old patterns and align yourself more deeply to authenticity. Being Self-led not story-led.

About Jessie Moss
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Whether you feel ready to embrace change or not, you have been guided to this moment. A moment of choice. 

My purpose allows me to show up in this very moment for you, where you seek to align to your truest and most authentic self.

I am here to guide you into – and beyond – the unknown and to teach you how to develop trust in your own internal system past knowing into wisdom. I’m here to help you see and step into your unique flow, to show you that you can move past surviving the day-to-day, running the old programs, caught in the loop.

I assist you gently and deeply into the embodiment of what it means for you to step into really thriving in all aspects of life. 

I assist you in clearing blocks and limitations through healings of the heart and present moment awareness.


“Jessie is an incredible space holder and her grounded energy is infectious.

The medicine she provides through so many modalities has helped me to come back to my centre, feel supported and shift back into heart space. I have worked many retreats with this beautiful soul and it is always a true blessing to work alongside her and participate in sharing space with her. If you get the opportunity to work with Jessie or if you are looking for someone to help support you in your own healing, I wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Jessie! Thank you Jessie for sharing your energy with us all.”

– Nicola Mary

By connection to breath, meditation, movement, bodywork, energy work and my personal experience with self-development and growth, I share my wisdom with you that has been collected since my first experience of really awakening at 17 years old.

From the age of 19, I have worked with energetics, as a beauty and massage therapist, personal trainer, fitness instructor, and teacher of yoga, pilates & meditation. These modalities and others I have studied along the way have so divinely lead me on the path to be here now, standing in my intuition and unique alignment.

I have a deep sense of knowing that I have lived through my personal challenges to experience such growth and understanding to be here now in service to your healing process. I have experienced chronic pain and injury to learn to heal my body and I have lived through trauma to learn to rewire my belief systems and behavioral patterns.

All the paths I have journeyed deep down have lead me to heal, teach, and being in heart-centered practices. I have learned how to feel grounded in the body, connect to my intuition and be aware of my thoughts, feelings, and energy by accessing present moment awareness. Through this, I have learned to allow life to flow from an alignment that is based in authenticity and absolute truth which is delivered calmly and respectfully.

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About The Healing Space in Coolum

This Space welcomes you to align with a new way of being.

Preventing the old from reoccurring by finding Truth in what is stored in your body. Reflecting inwards and finding peace in growth and release. Living from a place of presence and love. Knowing we are all connected and whole already, as we are, and that all parts of us belong. Honoring your individuality. Allowing you to access your gifts and unlimited potential living from a flow state.

Breathing into this space. Arriving here now.

This Space is where I facilitate my healings, whether they are in-person or online.

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