Support for navigating change and transition

Change is the shift in the external situation; the thing that has changed. It can happen fast.

Transition is the reorientation people need to make in response to the change. This can take time.

Here you will find the tools & guidance available for purchase. Heal at your own pace in my online course, and access these healing resources to become a self-healer building the resilience needed to support change in your life.

Jessie Moss Free Meditation

Personalised Healing Meditation

A potent avenue for you to directly access a specifically designed recording of deep healing for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles.
alignment to awakening

Transformative Online Journey

Align to your truth, develop tools to build resilience, know yourself, and invite change into your life. Travel at your own pace. Choose you today.


OPEN – by Jessie Moss

OPEN is a liberating guide to awaken you from old stories into a life of self-led freedom. In a world of spiritual bypassing, this book includes easy-to-implement tools to integrate and embody lessons showing up in your own life for growth.

glow podcast

The glow Podcast

Welcome to Glow, a podcast that will illuminate your path to personal transformation so you can Glow From The Inside Out with your host, intuitive healer, and author Jessie Moss.

Are you sick of struggle, stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty? 

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