manifesting gratitude

Everything is as it should be.

To truly believe this sentence at all times can be hard work. 

Sometimes things don’t feel like they are working out at all, and we can kick and scream about it usually all the way to some kind of breaking point where we let go of the grip on it, this is where the magic happens… 

In the letting go of ANY and ALL expectations. 

Letting go looks like laying down any controlling tendencies to have that thing arrive a certain way. We can get so caught up on the vision of what it looks like and how it’s coming, we can get so goal-focused that we can in fact create more obstacles and blocks to move through in the process – this stage I feel lives mostly within the mind. And we cant feel there.

What if it was as simple as feeling it like it was already here?

As if you were already sensing feelings of it here now, so your mind and body start to create this connection of logic and emotion, we can then drop into the body and begin to truly feel it.

By sensing the thing you want here now, without needing to know the who, why, how, when, and what it looks like but just by feeling what it would feel like to have it – and then giving it gratitude, what if it was going to come in quicker this way? 

Gratitude is the vibration of it already being yours. 

Then what if after that you practice just letting it all go. You’ve felt it here so now can you let it go so it actually comes in. It actually sounds – in words – so much easier this way, like less work, less trying, but I believe the practice of it can be at first a little difficult to surrender into. And it is because you are releasing any control on all the having to know details. 

You are simply just learning to feel it and then handing it over. 

Are you willing to lean into that trust rather than moving back and forth in a pattern of maybe pushing forward to the thing because that’s how you envisioned it, being busy doing things to create the thing and getting impatient – which all stem to losing sight of the gratitude for it, and quite frankly it gets exhausting and takes you back to the ‘kicking and screaming controlling part’. 

Gratitude allows things to grow. 

What do you hold, feel, and sense gratitude toward? 

Can you see how it’s creating more of those things/experiences/feelings in your life? 

Tune in,

In my experience the more I try and force things to happen the more I seem to be learning from it. It’s a very cyclic pattern. The good news is we can change patterns.

The more i simply hand it over with faith and trust – the more works out for me.

Don’t take my word for it either, try this out for yourself. 

And it is all perfect as it is. No matter how hard it is to be in sometimes.

Everything in this moment is as it should be. 



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