I have been finding power in words lately, there is so much power in a spoken word, and how wonderful is it that you can read a poem and it touches places of your heart and soul just through someone’s written word, I have been exploring word, spoken and unspoken, especially the words I find we speak to ourselves are very powerful.

The word willingness in particular lately really resonates with the energy I feel collectively present at the moment. 

The shift that is occurring in the world is happening over a long period of time, so throw out the quick-fix mentality. We are in it, the very beginning of it, it has begun, it will take time. 

Try not to get all human on owning how enlightened we are all of a sudden, we still have lies of the media taking place, we are being destructive towards the very earth that we rely on to survive, control and manipulation of our race is rife, it was never intended for it to be this way, it’s been lower vibrational and disconnected for quite some time and power has been abused. 

What you may be feeling is a collective lifting of a veil that is bringing truth – like waking up from sleep – this is how we know and feel the shift is here. Things feel different, when you shed the lower vibrations you experience liberation, freedom, and love. You begin to taste the connected beauty of oneness. And your life changes.

The shift will take time like many things in this reality that is so reliant on time being a thing and the shift will also take…willingness.

Conscious people are becoming awakened through experiencing a period of time where they have a sense of knowing but never actually choosing to act on it, generally reaching a point where they realize it’s time to act, a heightened knowing takes place within wisdom, you begin to go past knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom lives in the inner world and more and more things are beginning to happen to shift the conscious into the awakened.

This is why it will take time to overcome patterns, programs, conditioning, and domestication we have endured for so long, these structures won’t work in time and we have already seen it shifting. 

Conscious to Awake.

It’s like knowing a door has been there, you see the door but now there is the complete willingness and deeper wisdom at play, you know that you will open the door, maybe a few times at first to make sure, to maybe want to control the making sure, checking for a safe entry and all the rest linking to the monkey mind. Eventually, you will see no other way, you walk through this door not knowing what’s on the other side but in trusting of the awakening you need to have. 

We need to embrace a willingness to guide us into seeking truth, learning, wondering, and questioning to take us into the unknown where we have never been before.

It’s scary but isn’t staying stuck scary too? Couldn’t most aspects of the world be cleaned up with a bit of awareness and less greed? Having no world left to occupy and staying stuck should be most scary thing in my view.

It starts with you, take the word willing into your body and feel it by asking:

Am I willing to make the changes I need to at this time? 

What does my truth look like? Am I living my truth?

Can I be willing to forgive, to trust, to surrender, to choose love?

That’s how we will begin a deeper sense of connection, first within then it radiates out. Connection eradicates toxicity of behavior, words, thoughts, and connection will lift the veil to a more truthful way forward. 

Truth will set you and everybody else free.


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