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Sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly. 

Sometimes there is the unexpected, or an ever-present unpleasant thorn in the side of your existence – I feel you and I know how hard it is to return to a clear perspective with an open heart. 

It takes practice. Each time you get to practice there is usually a hurdle to overcome, or some push back along the way and it’s remembering to thank these things rather than be occupied by them. 

An open heart doesn’t prevent pain from arising, but I wonder, can we trust it anyway and be so bravely vulnerable in those choices. And when caught out by drowning in painful uncertainty can we come back to ourselves anyway. Despite it being uncomfortable because I mean it’s uncomfortable either way right?

Can pain be inspiration to open your heart more deeply? 

Can we keep experiencing pain and allow the light in a little more each time. 

When anger and fear arise can it remind us of the strength it takes to be open, can it be a reminder of the good? Holding onto faith in these moments because it is only a matter of time before hearts open again and it’s all thanks to the constant chipping away of lower vibrations that try to destroy the openness that actually trains us to know openness is the lighter choice. 

Sending these situations compassion can be tricky depending on the scale and severity of hold the story has on us, but I really do feel what matters is that there is trying rather than hating. There is still an expansion in choosing to try your best. 

To be wishing that the bothersome masses be free of their suffering doesn’t change that they choose to suffer and in turn impart suffering. 

However, we can choose daily to be free of ours. We could experiment with a want to hold more compassion and love for the haters. They really do need it the most. Hate is lazy and easy so send love often (firstly of course to yourself).

There is nothing that we can’t hand over to the divine workings of the universe, even if it feels hard to let go, each step counts more than you may realize, and besides it’s all the more choosing practice for the vast open spaces we can begin to occupy. 

This choice when reached, no matter your path to get there and no matter how many times you have to choose it – This I feel is freedom. It’s not outside us. It’s within us. It consumes us every time we connect to our heart in remembering there is more to people’s suffering, there is more to this experience and I for one no longer wish to experience life with a heart half-open or choosing any kind of suffering for myself. 

This I can be clear about when nothing else seems clear to me. It’s where I land every time and I feel home there, centered, full, untouchable, there are no limits. And there is joy. 

If we cease doing things the old way to eliminate our suffering we may have fear arise because we are not too sure who we are without the stories but I know I am more than willing to find out. I see no other way for me now. How about you?

Boundlessness is not affected by ego and sufferings of the mind.

Can you encourage yourself to put down what you are carrying?

We can make wholehearted daily choices to dissolve all suffering in and around ourselves?

You don’t have to be clear all the time to hold awareness, watch yourself dear one, be in the void.

Living all the moments lighter.


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