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People see strength where once there may have been unspeakable things that happened.

People see success in a photo or situation but not the struggle it took to get there.

People are quick to define what your life looks like through what’s been achieved or accomplished.

People judge what it’s like from the outside and project on others without asking questions.

People assume from their own pain and try to add or contribute to yours because perhaps they think you are better off than they are.

People believe a story that makes them comfortable rather than seeing that story makes victims the villains.

People are complicated so it’s important to not let other people define you.

We all fight battles and have our own version of success and it’s meant to be that way.

It’s unspeakable to expect someone to believe and carry your story or be punished for holding strength.

The strongest people are made through adversity, some of the most loving people are the arseholes in other people’s stories, and the most successful people I know are surrounded by love and haven’t felt very supported or loved in this life, it’s been tough for them but they worked hard to build it.

We never know what’s happening behind closed doors and it is a time to stop assuming.

When we allow ourselves to GLOW no matter what we end judgment because we choose to not accept someone else’s story as our own or change for it.

At the end of it all there are people who will try to define you, judge you, assume, and project on your life without asking or having a conversation to get clear on what is real.

Let those people go if you seek peace.

Glow unapologetically.

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