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Wanting to have new experiences in a relationship and recognising those new experiences for what they are can bring joy and grief to know you were in toxic, unhealthy, or one-sided relationships.

So often we offer forgiveness to others as the first step or hold compassion for another’s behaviour because we can eventually see where they are coming from but how often are we told how self-forgiveness first would be the most powerful option.

To turn forgiveness it in is to understand and have compassion for all the parts of self we have that need tending to and just as much care as we offer others.

Self-forgiveness is important if we want relationships to feel different moving forward.

Journal prompts:

  • In relationships I used to……..
  • I now do this…………
  • I forgive myself for…………
  • I understand i was learning these lessons……….
  • Now i know better i will……….
  • Forgiving myself looks like………

    Choosing self-respect is brave.

    Why wouldn’t you deserve forgiveness just as much as the people who hurt you?



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