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Struggling, feeling trapped in the hustle, or stuck in chasing peace and happiness externally is EXHAUSTING.

Starting to make choices from that place to change can feel hard, overwhelming, and even hopeless.

The healing sessions I offer (online & in person) are to target the initial cause of why you aren’t feeling in flow with your desires and how to integrate healing into your current experience.

To come from struggle to freedom with practical steps. Being trauma-informed from my own experiences in life I firsthand know how hard it can be to make changes when everything feels like it is saying not to, and that it’s not safe.

We aren’t wired to be happy, we are wired to be comfortable.

Our nervous system can’t expand into new experiences if there are parts of us still stuck, trapped, and expecting it to change with hope and manifestation practices alone.

For deeper healing, we need to address the mind (patterns of behaviour), and the body (our stored trauma), and shift our frequency to holding more awareness.

If you are truly ready to embody change, try something new, heal deeply and do it in a safe way thats long lasting then you can book through link in bio.

If you are ready I would feel honoured to walk the healing journey alongside you.



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