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Being in the wrong environment can not only stunt your growth by feeling comfortable but also by reiterating to you all the things you believe subconsciously.

The right environment at first might be unknown and scary.

Even if we are used to being put down, it may feed our unworthiness story and how we will never amount to anything so to some parts of us it feels comfortable to be in environments where we are never going to be good enough.

When we know how to navigate something from our conditioning even when we WANT it to change we still seek environments that support our beliefs.

This is why it’s so important to see what is unseen.
So we can have a choice in life.
The discomfort is temporary.

Discomfort can be viewed as new things occurring for the best outcome, discomfort is not always bad.

Nothing much new will happen in a known and comfortable environment.

If you ever wonder why you can’t get to where you want to be, ask these questions:

  • Where am I choosing comfort over change?
  • What else might be waiting for me to see?
  • What does my environment, the people I surround myself with, and the choices I make show me about myself?
  • Am I in an environment that supports growth, change, and healing?



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