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This was a personal insight I had yesterday about the excessive and unnecessary communication I have been receiving from someone clearly in pain and not doing anything about it besides projecting it.

What happens after you get out of domestic violence sometimes years later that not many people talk about?

A lot of expected tolerations, why? because our system encourages society to tolerate.

When people who don’t choose to change don’t need any more enabling.

Although I have compassion for a lot of things that once felt hard to accept along with real understanding for so many unique situations…

It seems my tolerance for being disrespected has reached an all-time new level of somewhere in the minus zeros.

One of those levels that just unlocked unexpectedly from feeling it all and realising it’s not even my responsibility to tolerate and boom there it was.

Just because I’m strong and can hold space for a range of behaviours and understand trauma in difficult situations doesn’t mean I have to.

Just because I can doesn’t mean I have to, because when I tolerate for whatever reason, I realise I am ENABLING.

There it is, this is why it still happens.

And I thought to myself….. it ends here with no words, no more trying, and no more riding the waves of being the only responsible participant.

If it’s reached a point where you get none of my willingness to cooperate then it must be pretty disgusting. I feel both hardened in a good way by the past decade and a sweet relief to be letting go in a new way.

I don’t tolerate abuse.
In. Any. Form.

I will keep speaking about and bringing to light things that people don’t mention.

Is it time to ask deeply what do we tolerate that we no longer want to?
And why did we in the first place?

Where we come from and where we are going can start with putting ourselves into situations where there is more than one willing participant and little to no more tolerations.

What we tolerate is our choice.



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