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If not now, WHEN?

I have been told it’s both exciting and scary to book a session with me, especially if we haven’t met yet.

It’s unknown what might come up.
It is sometimes an unexplainable knowing or resonance people feel when booking in that doesn’t make logical sense.

I’ve heard so many times “Not quite sure what you do but I just knew I needed to see you”.

Usually, people have tried other methods of healing for years that just stay at the surface, not providing relief, and people I’ve met have completely given up on healing because they have not been held or seen in their trauma which has been rewounding for them.

Even worse when I hear people are being encouraged to bypass because leaders lack the tools or depth to go to these places but claim they do.

My tips for discernment around finding a healer:

1- Don’t rule out the healing work, try out different people for different results. There’s a big difference between ego-led and heart-led

Do you feel this person is in a session WITH you or for them?

2- Ask questions when booking like; “What experience do you have to help me with this”?

3- If you follow them on socials how are they living their life?

– Dedicated healers don’t spend their weekends partying, bypassing, or running away from their lives with vices.

4- A good healer knows their shadow well so they can see yours and take you to the hard places within yourself, they do it with you and they aren’t scared of it or tell you to avoid it.

When someone books a session with me and it’s scary and exciting – it means they are at a point where they are trusting themselves enough to follow that.

This is an open, willing, and aware place to be for deeper healing.

By the time I meet people, they are always at that place and that’s the gift of energetic resonance.

Don’t question if you feel the pull towards deeper healing, it might be the best and most life-changing decision you ever make.



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