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The people who say “you’re too much”, and “too sensitive” and spray statements of toxic positivity at you like “just be happy” or “I don’t know why we all can’t just get along” are people that are either:

– Avoiding their own baggage.
– Can’t exercise their own boundaries.
– Aren’t that aware of their own needs therefore not aware of your needs so probably can’t meet them.
– Possible people pleasers that can’t express themselves out of fear of being unlikeable.
– Likely to blame you for lack of peace because you are strong, have depth, and want to discuss the hard things.
– Subconsciously or consciously trying to keep you small or in some way where they are comfortable.

This can equal pain, suffering, illness, disappointment, and hurt.

Here’s Why…
– Lack of understanding can leave you feeling unheard.
– It hurts for someone who deeply feels to suppress emotion.
– It’s unhealthy and discouraging for healing and growth.
– It’s disappointing to try with someone so much and not ever be validated.
– It’s painful to be in an environment where it’s not okay to be who you are.
– It doesn’t feel safe.

These can all stem from situations we lived in as a child, so the outcome = feeling triggered and stuck by not actually changing our environment or behaviour.

(Because as children we were stuck, we needed the tribe to survive, it becomes normal eventually).

So from this moment today if this resonates know that an invitation of change has arrived.

– Just because someone lacks the skills, emotional intelligence or desire to see you fully doesn’t mean you are too much.

– Just because you allow your feelings to surface doesn’t mean you are sensitive, it might mean you choose healing and that is brave.

Let’s stop allowing people who aren’t ready to hear, see, or experience us as we are to dictate how we operate in this world.

Find environments that feel safe to be yourself, find ways to keep feeling and teach yourself it’s ok to speak up, it’s ok to have your own ideas, have boundaries, and feel things fully.

… Maybe you are not sensitive or too much, maybe you are in an unsupportive environment. 



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