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What’s happening around you is happening within you.
Let’s explore ⚛️

What’s happening within us is creating experiences through what shapes us to believe and attract certain things.
What’s happening outside of us is often out of our control so the external can be seen as an invitation for growth.

Internal resilience shapes how we navigate the external but all the what-ifs and unfortunate events can start to shape the way we feel and think inside which can draw more of what we try to avoid to us.

What. A. Paradox.

This is when we miss opportunities to have things a different way because we can expect the same heartache, rejection, or whatever we have needed to learn from.

I noticed I was focused so much on what I didn’t want I became rigid and closed to exploring – what do I want?

Therefore I created (all the time) what I didn’t want. I believe in alchemy.

I believe we can turn pain and suffering into knowledge and be in service with it, transmuting it into a forward path, allowing it to work for us.

I attracted a lot of people who didn’t treat me well UNTIL I decided to change the way I showed up.

I had to believe I was worthy, self-care to expand my nervous system, and change my self-talk to see the beautiful people that surround me now that I couldn’t see before because I didn’t know how to choose it.

Nothing happened in the external until I healed within until I opened myself to see it and feel deserving of what I wanted – then I could see it.



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