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The path of an intuitive healer is to make the unseen seen.

Not everyone understands them and most likely they have undergone challenges, they know pain and have had to access their shadow to receive the calling.

They know it’s not all love and light and can feel like an outcast in society and won’t belong to any spiritual bypassing communities.

Sharing psychic gifts and seeing others so deeply is more of an extension of how a healer lives in this world, not a hobby to pick up for a while or a role to play for work purposes.

Healers resonate with others walking a path of depth and seeking ownership over their lives usually in times of uncertainty or chaos.

It does take a lot of care and intention to choose to heal fully and to live in a way you can show up for others and see their unseen.

You cannot see or navigate in others what you aren’t willing to look at in yourself so a good healer is grounded, embodied in their own healing, and expansive.

It’s the kind of path that chooses someone and truthfully I know most real healers wished it didn’t at times.

It’s not always easy. But it is worth it.

Healers help people remember themselves and there are just no words for that kind of magic.



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