I’ve had so many conversations lately about how uncomfortable this time is.. if this is you too, read on…

When you try to understand someone you set aside judgement of them.

The same goes for understanding the self rather than judging it.

You can lay down all the active parts holding the stories alive and be curious within or together.

Healing isn’t just a “nice” or “good” experience.

I believe our deepest healing comes from the ones showing us the depth of ourselves.

Feeling safe enough for the dark parts to emerge and then to help self/or each other love those parts – that’s the deepest possible healing.

Shining the light on what you didn’t know was unresolved in a compassionate way is (i believe) loving that person enough.

Setting a boundary and saying I don’t accept this for myself is building important trust within yourself thats needed to heal and clear the things that set you off.

Asking from self “what do you need” is showing up for those parts hidden that perhaps were ignored and not seen. You get to see them now and tend to these parts of you.

One thing I have discovered is there is only so much you can heal alone, you need the mirrors and when you are ready they will come.

Moving through this incredible time of growth, what if we thank the perceived dark murky parts of us that have shown up, become so grateful for deeper insights into what is simply unresolved within us, and take action to care for, reparent, reprogram, love and dissolve what’s needed as its moved through us.

Life is a never-ending mountain, little pauses enjoy the view then hike again, see the next beautiful hill and all it has to offer as we rise to take in new views, lighter, more liberated.

When it’s all stripped back…
Free. To. Be. Self.

The self is the natural leader of your internal system.

Heart open hiking
Hang in there




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