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First, do you even want to?

Follow your breath in
Go in
Not with the mind
Go in and feel it

Feel the life you breathe
One foot in the present
One trudging through the mud

Sit in it, sit with it
Do we truly know what that is?
The minds running around
The hearts closing down

Coping coping
Enabling the dark while scrambling to turn the light back on

How long will you look for
Unraveling, unraveling
Breath is choosing
Next moment, next emotion

To see, to follow, to ask it
How long have you been there
Hiding like a kid in the corner
I am here with you

How much can you look, hold and be with those parts of you that are hiding, scared, and feeling unloved?

Meet yourself now.
“You are safe, seen, loved, and valuable, it wasn’t your fault, I am sorry that happened to you, you are so wanted.
I am here now.

I will choose better for you, rest…
I will show you how much you can trust me…

Thank you for showing up here with me”

Incase you forgot:

All parts of you belong

You are not too much

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.




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