Sometimes… I wish I had new words to explain newness.

The words in the spiritual community, the woke language, the words that are used because they are learned, and not always felt… I have to work on that not annoying me… sometimes.

But words to me can feel limiting and other times they blend and make magic to touch someone’s life or tell an important story, I crave to make words dance like that but it’s only in glimpses that it happens.

It’s the writing in between, the i don’t know what the fu”k that means, the trudging new, the sentence I read a hundred times and choose to come to it later cos maybe it has a new meaning then?

The choosing of returning to basic words because I don’t desire to be or seem woke.

I want to be and seem me. I choose a simple life.

So what are my words, or how do I want to say them, how much can I feel them and pour truth into words when pen hits paper…

I’m using words right now as an attempt to describe resonance.

In a world of words, you could write, yet without actions to back up those words, for me… it means shit.

And with this whole world being energy, resonance is the first and last thing that’s always going to be felt so at the end of my ponderings ALWAYS I come to the conclusion:

– Resonance will always be what’s felt.
That’s why there is no point pretending, whoever you are wants to be unfiltered and felt out in the open, and thats why I always say choose you. There is no other you were meant to be.

– To not let conditioning rule your life- working on the hard stuff has INSURMOUNTABLE rewards and freedom that comes with it. Every. time. It peels back what’s not YOU.

– We CREATE what we resonate. Meaning what’s within us shows up for us, and what we work on has to move through us. What a ride huh?

– Keep your energy strong, keep alignment to self honoured or you’ll find the mind has hijacked you leaving you in a mess, with suppressive tendencies, and showing you what isn’t working over and over till you listen.

– Don’t take life so seriously, we are like those little beetles thriving in the shit, the shadows always have answers we just find it hard to look or wanna touch what we perceive as shit.

The shadow is a friend, it shows you the gift. 




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