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Are you one of these people with all the tools?

Like breathwork & meditation techniques, movement & practices that ground you here, outlets to help you express, self caring from a genuine place, community that supports, eating the rainbow diet on point, and maybe even a career in healing..

You know all those tools that help you live lighter?

The tools that have gone from ancient, from a sense of being unconditional and once so private and hidden from the world to now I believe severely monetised and made popular by some (and this is no judgement just observation of the rising healer/coaches/space holders/seems some kind of modelling industry with 6 figures/etc).

I’m so happy to see it all take off even though some things I am seeing make me cringe a little, that’s my stuff to work with.
It’s all got its place.

I do want to pose a few simple points for self enquiry towards all of us to reflect on if this post grabs you though…

1. How are we utilising the tools for self first?

2. How are we sharing them?
And what’s the why?

3. How are we staying in devotion and honouring of them frequently?

We learn tools to cope, survive or change at first.

We learn to regulate the system to deal with the things that are uncomfortable, to go towards them…

These tools shouldn’t be used to bypass the uncomfortable but rather to feel more steady going into what you will face knowing nothing externally is in your control.

Any tools or gifts one holds, I believe, to be in integrity to them must be practiced, must be lived through you.
It is felt from there.

With developing skills to self-soothe we don’t run and we show others they don’t need to run either…

Tuesday musings with many blessings



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