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I really wanted a picture of my boys with me in the book I recently published but I wasn’t sure the photo was going to print great so I asked my talented 17yr old Kayn to sketch the photo for the book.

His skills of sketching with pencil have been developing so well over the last few years, he sketched this image with a sharpie pen.

It took him no time at all… It is now such a special piece of my book.

It’s amazing to watch how fast he sketches and I love that he’s willing to give anything a go— so proud of him.

I feel beyond honoured to have this printed in my first book.

The gratitude I have for my children is immeasurable, they are my invitation to wake up and do better daily. This reflection is more to document this picture and give my son Kayn a very big thanks for his amazing heart and talents now shared in my new book OPEN.



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