How do you witness and experience people around you?

My personal answer:
Being able to feel everything is my super power, having to learn to manage that as i evolve and expand is always my challenge.

To trust in who i am —- a core value of integrity and being real means i am hypersensitive to where people aren’t – this stems from childhood and before seeing this shadow aspect my behaviour was very people pleasing as a trauma response, meaning i chose abusive situations thinking it was normal.

My wounded healer would fix everyone and anything to exist, to be chosen and loved.

The strengths and abilities now working from the gift of this shadow means i need boundaries, respect in interactions, knowing how to speak my truth even if my voice shakes and i have come a long way…

These big woundings of ours always have gifts its how we sit with the vulnerable parts and reach inward for strength to build trust internally coupled with a healthy environment that helps us to learn as we reach out to safe people to be held and embody lessons.

The subtle nature of the depth i feel means not a lot of people understand me in the moment, being psychic does mean i feel no time so if I’m hearing words or seeing actions not lining up i feel things from other timelines.

One way i personally sense people and situations is in what my body is telling me.

Words and actions happen in the NOW.

The FEELING in my body tells me all kinds of stories, it tells me if there is compatibility to a situation, it tells me where I’m projecting, where i need healing, where there is inauthenticity because i choose to feel it all.

The felt sense i receive in my body doesn’t always give me a why, how, what or who but it does encourage me to listen and trust myself so much more deeply.

I listen now more than ever.
I trust now more than ever.
I speak up now in the moment.

There is no right or wrong to how we feel, and it says a whole lot more when we learn the skill of presence to be with ourselves and our own feelings.

In a world that doesn’t want us to feel.
Feel it all anyway.



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