Our boundaries are an extension of our energy and integrity.

Ahhh the fire….

Many fear feeling fiery, angry, or even rage and it’s understandable.

What happens when you keep it inside?
What dis-ease might it create in the body?

The purification and cleansing properties of fire detox the vessel which is highly necessary for it to help process dense emotion.

Fire helps to bring warmth when we are stuck in feeling too much all at once, drowning… fire wakes us up!

– Where could we release what we once were told to hold in?

– Where might we fear our own inner fire but in noticing it we spark a reclaiming of power?

– How can we bring fire into a balanced existence when we need to say no and speak hard things?

From the ashes, the fire burns to rebirth… Always rising.

Blessings for the way fire teaches resilience, the challenges, and the warmth it brings at the same time while we learn.

Harsh yet comforting.

Lighting the way so we can see deeper into our truth when darkness comes.



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