A life-changing time, I left a piece of my heart here in Peru. It was a totally terrifying experience where I had to face many things within myself or stay the same.

It’s almost 10 years since I left my marriage and still, 5yrs ago I was struggling badly with life after domestic violence so I drank alcohol a lot, I don’t even recognise photos of myself from this time, I completely closed my heart to life, I self-sabotaged a lot, suppressed the trauma cos it was too much for me then and I never felt safe…

In the middle of the Amazon, I questioned everything, I saw so much I could never put into words and I was changed forever. I recall a full day I couldn’t even speak words.

It was amazing to travel through this hard time in this beautiful wild jungle where my life started again. It started through purging, crying, dying, meeting beautiful people, seeing the darkest darkness, and how everything danced as one.

I did the deepest work of my life here and at some points, I thought I was never returning to my boys… and in some ways I was right.

I live in gratitude and I am reminded frequently that I owe so much to nature, to the traditional ways of healing, and to this time in my life at 33 where my ego went and died 1000 deaths.

I’d do it again to be here now.
Healing is light and dark and neither is wrong, or good or bad.

Your journey will be unique to you so never compare how you need to travel.

Never listen to anyone who has all the answers for you, the job of a healer is to hold you while you find the answers within yourself.

We are all healers. Remember that.
Much Love



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