Do you explore your gifts?

We all have a uniqueness we bring to the world, to not explore it would be a disservice to one’s experience here.

First, we tend to break down walls of being who were are shown to be, what serves us and what doesn’t as we unlearn through mistakes and what makes us unhappy.

Then there is choosing, which by the time we get there might mean a relationship breakdown, midlife crisis, quitting a career that once meant everything, realising your still living a dream that a parent wanted for you.

To look at this, to realise this initially is hard.

I find the ones not exploring their gifts are likely to call you crazy, or show doubt or worry as you “lose your marbles”. (To find your way).

I pray that eventually all children get told things like this is your journey I am here to support you, stand in your gifts, even when judged, even when relationships not meant for you peel away, be you, you are enough.

I pray for when we have to learn ourselves again as adults that we find our inner voices well enough to stay the course.

Then feel the deepest purpose explode from our hearts and to explore that.

This is the only way I feel to not fear death, to have no regrets, to watch many versions of self die and discover more gifts each time.

Everything ends and begins again.

There is something about knowing, living, and exploring the gifts you bring to the world that brings inner peace and contentment.

There is no other you.

It is indescribably the way of feeling oneness – to feel your whole self and then to feel it in everyone around you.

If you choose to embrace your gifts today, know that it gives others permission to do the same and this is a fun, playful way to make change.



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