I believe animals are powerful message givers and bring us healing and exactly what we need with no apology.

Cockatoo teaches you how to vocalize your truth while showing you how to cut the emotional ties in unhealthy relationships.

I found this feather outside my van as I woke up one-morning camping, the learnings that followed seemed brutal at the time and really challenging but I knew there was a deep purpose to what I was experiencing.

Now 3 months later I understand so much more after learning about the qualities this bird brings.

It helped me break through so many illusions to see clearer and clearer the more willing I was to open my heart.

I am grateful for the teachings as I’ve seen flocks of cockatoos and noticed them everywhere in the last few months. They seem free and unapologetically loud.

The lessons now seem more joyful, bringing fuel to my creativity. Gifted expansion inward and externally.

Cockatoo’s Medicine sparked dying creative embers and it has renewed my presence with the happiness of simply being after a really big emotional time, loss, and grief.

It sparks now a knowing I now keep that I choose where to be, where to place my energy and that is so free to me.

It is also linked to my grandmother who we called grandma cocky cos her hair always stuck up and we thought it was funny to call her that when we were kids, so I feel comfort in knowing she is with me in harder times and I am never alone.

All from a gifted feather landing.
Because I choose to see the magic in everything.

Eyes open, heart open, always learning



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