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What to do when change comes knocking…

1. Remember we are energy before matter.

2. Realise we are all having our own needed experience here. All of us are on the same planet but all live at a different vibration.

3. Knowing the vibration each individual is at symbolises the care we take of our energy, body, mind, who we surround ourselves with, and the environments we CHOOSE to be in.

4. When we change it might create fear, jealousy, and discomfort in people around us as our changes reflect to them what they perhaps didn’t want to see or experience. Perhaps these are no longer your people.

5. An important reminder – We don’t owe anyone anything, and we don’t need to exist at a lower frequency to keep others comfortable.

6. Remember change is inevitable, nothing much happens or changes in the comfort zone and if we want to experience depth and newness we have to be willing to dig, find our people and place ourselves at the frequency we desire for the change.

It all shifts from there.
We choose the experience we have by how we show up, how we honour our process, how we say what we need to when it’s hard, what we eat, how long we are on a screen, where we live etc…

In those small daily choices, we are always choosing.

We can’t blame anyone else for where we are at or how things are, that’s lazy.

If you want to change, adjust to it.




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