Existing past the familiar.

To the places i never thought i would be.

Growth i know comes from planting seeds purposefully.

And from saying goodbye many times.

From realising myself to choosing again.

By working through what i can no longer accept of myself, doors open.

I experience beautiful people, new places and opportunities because I actively choose it.

I haven’t settled in past relationships that didn’t choose to see or accept all of me.

These people were simply teachers of my worth.

I have worked hard to arrive here alive, changed and loving.

I left my past of survival in the dust with so many things that taught me through pain and chaos.

In the memory of that pain i remember from time to time, i fuel many fires to change.

For that i am grateful.

It lands me here in the now where i am listening, choosing and becoming beyond what i ever thought was possible.

So, to the people who stay, even when its hard in choosing the healthy honouring of growth my heart expands because of you.

I promise you that you will look back from a new reality and feel freedom to know where you were is not where you were meant to stay.

Not everyone chooses growth, and if you don’t say goodbye when you are in that moment then guess what?

… you don’t choose it either.

Love you all ♥️



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