meditate grateful beach

As above So below

I earth I remember who i am
I soar I remember who i am

And into surreal dream lands
Past ocean as deep as my soul
Into the black of the night sky to wisdom

Timeless wandering
Spacious edging unknown expansion

How free it feels to be here
How trapped the paradox

If i could show you one thing
It’d be how amazing your light is

If i could tell you one thing
Its that you are whole already

If i could help you feel one thing
It’d be expansive limitless infinite love

And then id give you the gift of remembering over and over again

So you could meet yourself fully
Knowing you are but a speck in existence
And the whole entire universe all in one.


We are one, connected.
Earth, sky, soul, heart.

It’s time we start remembering,


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