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An exert from my book that is coming along in divine timing…

Your life purpose is your contribution in this experience you are having right now. With no purpose what sense would taking the time and effort into understanding and surrendering the story make, for the story has led you here, to this very moment, to live with purpose. 

To live in purpose is to feel a sense of love and belonging, to not need it from the old story and the people who had their own stories that you absorbed information of along your path to now, all in perfect order to give you what you needed at the time, every time. Living in purpose transcends the dysfunctional stories into a gift, allowing that gift to be your purposeful message that ripples out to the world. This is becoming the change that you wish to see. 

To be purposeful when asking Who am i? Who am I without the story?, and how can I use my story for good? By being in purpose you allow yourself to set a new foundational structure for the truest part of the self to shine. You hold acceptance in allowing the change, to what’s going to be born from this new space you have created for yourself. 

Purpose can become really blocked and foggy when we are living a story that isn’t ours and this is why it’s so important to really look within and recognise the uncomfortable things keeping you stuck, its deep transformational work, where the shadows hold the answers and it’s the shadows at first that are so hard to look upon, it isn’t easy and we all cycle through layer by layer finding our way to live in purpose. 

Don’t go looking for purpose. Choose you and let your purpose find its way to you.


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