powerful woman empowered

To be open to possibility is great
But without an open heart
Without connection
How does one receive fully?
They do not.

I have been here,
Telling myself stories of how open i am
Baby steps, trying new things
Not feeling fully met
Looking, searching… externally

I turn in,
I had to create safety for myself
I had to learn my insurmountable strength
To hold myself first
I had to feel my worth fully
Then choose myself again and again

With arms wide open
I meet vulnerability
Stepping into the feminine
Feeling without thinking
Letting my inner world shape me

To be open from heart is powerful
There is no other place I can be
I have landed
I feel everything
I express myself

I no longer apologise for who I am
I have too much love for myself
This woman I am always becoming
Did not land here softly
I have walked through fire for this

My pain and suffering has, at last, reached its final stage,
I accept to hold this open receptive heart
In my hurt and fear, i do not close
But I softly crack wider open

Nothing can close me now.
Not one single thing.
Not now i have tasted this freedom.

The joy of my depth swims deep within
And the depth of my joy like stars above

I am willing to feel it all.
No programming is required.
I let go.
I have arrived.
With nothing but freedom and the wide-open spaces of all that i am.

I am Love.
You are Love too.


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