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When we are recovering from burnout, people pleasing, escaping an abusive relationship, an illness or injury (whatever it is) it can seem like quite a long road.

It can feel like we may be far away from a desired outcome, the energy levels we want, the heartache still not mended, and the transition might just include recovery because the change that occurred was big.

I teach people to break things down into small actionable steps in transition because the things we come up against when recovery couples transition are usually what’s been comfortable vs. what’s unknown and feeling overwhelming.

It does feel hard to live without someone in the beginning, it feels different to no longer do what we once invested our energy into, it feels sickening to realise we have been treating ourselves poorly by staying somewhere that didn’t value us, it feels hard to change things because we naturally like to feel safe and like we belong.

When we make changes willingly or whether it’s happened outside of our control we have choices to make. We can embrace that we are all going to get it perfectly right the first go, it’s okay to do that, we will learn from it, and when we do small things well I encourage a celebration.

As a recovering alcohol abuser, I had to change my relationship to celebrating so I don’t mean pop a bottle and go back to coping mechanisms. Redefine celebration to the needs and values of the change your making.

We don’t need money or new things to celebrate, it’s a mindset and honouring of self that I’m encouraging.

We can be gentle through transition and recognise in some way the things we are doing takes courage, when we acknowledge our work the parts of us can then realise wow it is changing, I am doing it, it’s happening, and this is positive. I’ve got this.



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