aligned clarity


Step 1- Clear the vessel, always.

You are what you eat really means because we are energy we take on the vibration of what we consume.

If your body isn’t feeling clear or prepped to vibe at a higher frequency —- perhaps a new beginning your soul is asking for or a change your heart is seeking —- it’s going to take longer.

The body is the place the soul needs to be here in the physical form and it is temporary, the soul knows (it is already clear) and we have the choice daily to get our bodies to match our soul’s vibration otherwise what can happen is we won’t be able to accept or be at a resonance we need to be for the clarity we desire, we may even have to receive what we are calling in by way of…

Let’s say… sickness – the body is so smart it will purge itself and do its best to align you over and over … so why not help it along?

You could potentially avoid things like sickness, injuries, and purging simply by listening more to the body and asking “hey you fine vessel, thanks for being my way of expression temporarily, what do you need today, what can I do to help clear you or feed you right at this moment”?

The body is always speaking.
Learning to listen more provides you with clarity and vitality.

Step 1 to clarity is always thorough a clear vessel.

Match your food with your desired frequency.

Food is medicine.




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