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H E A L I N G – D E E P E R 

A mind-body connection enables us to feel connected to something much bigger than ourselves. Not stuck and unable to shift to the next level of our life.

This is a great read if you are or know someone who is feeling stuck, lost, confused, or not very cared for or nurtured right now.


“Mental awareness without somatic integration equates to shame.”

The more we KNOW without the tools to create change, the more helpless and hopeless we can feel.

This is why integration is so important.

We CANNOT have empathy or a felt understanding without being in our body and FEELING.

It is beyond the mind, beyond verbal, beyond knowing it, beyond reading and implementing from the mental space. 

We WILL NOT tune into someone or be able to offer a depth of healing to the people we love if we just stay in the mind, thinking thinking, saying words without a felt sense of the impact they may have, staying on the surface, and taking it personally. 

To be in tune means we see and feel subtle shifts in others, we don’t have to KNOWwith the mind what it exactly is but we can learn to see and sense and feel they may be hurting which makes us more able to be part of a healing environment. 

It helps us to get in touch with the needs of others and to remove ourselves from taking it personally. 

Part of this is not just feeling for others and bringing compassion in but feeling our own stuff too and taking responsibility for it.

Feeling our past, our wounds as deeply as others have felt theirs – there is so much healing simply in the willingness to do this somatic work on ourselves. Others feel it. 

Processing what’s stored in the body is important to rid dis-ease and so you don’t burden yourself and others with it. 


You want to be free, don’t you?

Feeling is how you clear your blocks and access your intuition.
– This is how your nervous system creates the life you live. 
– Learning with the mind is a step, the mind NEEDS to connect down into the body to heal what it has once felt and held onto. 


The mind can feel it has let go but the body will keep reminding you “I am still here until you process and feel me down here”.

Speaking from experience to be a person in your body and then met by others from a mental space during periods of suffering can be extremely painful and invalidating to an experience. It can be re-wounding and highly triggering. 

We all have trauma lets not kid ourselves but the level of freedom and depth of love we seek will depend on how deeply we’ve met ourselves in the body and done the workIN THE BODY

We are all here to reflect and teach from the place we are now. This moment. 

How you decide to show up for yourself matters because it changes the world by relieving our children from recreating and holding onto trauma and living through what we have.

I believe we can become more conscious of our stories and actions by preparing ourselves and finding support to land in our bodies to feel and heal our wounds from a different space – this is how we discover connection and a heart-inspired, aligned, and deeply fulfilling life.

Let us make one small choice today to do our best to not pass unconscious behavior on, to not pass our patterns, stories,  tendencies, our unseen yet-to-be-seen baggage, and trauma down the bloodline. 

Let us choose to see each other differently now before it’s too late.

Sending Love from my heart to yours, 



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