aligned clarity

G R O W ?

Nothing can grow – no person, plant, or idea – if it’s not properly nourished.

It’s important once an idea or future vision presents itself for us that we nourish it, and feel it into existence.

What do you need to let go of to make space for the nourishment of your newness?

What self-talk have you got going on that might block it?

Where is the work happening for you right now?

How do you create space to hold the mental reprogramming, emotional healing, or more physical clearing sensations for this new to exist?

Don’t forget everything that is happening to you, is happening for you.

There’s a good chance YOU asked for it.

You can never control “how” it all presents itself.

A reminder to trust is always knocking…

So, my last question for today is how and where are you devoting your precious life force energy into existence?

You are creating every moment.

All these moments strung together to make a life, a legacy, and have the opportunity to liberate.

Follow your truth, always.

Do not resist or think you have ‘time’.

What if the time was only now?



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