Holding on & Letting go are BOTH painful…

One traps you in the past, and one frees you.

Faced with a decision to process it or hold on? 

So many hold on to things that have happened, without knowing.
I am here to tell you some things that might feel hard to hear.

The truth always sets us free that’s why I am all about it.

But first, How will you know if you are holding on? 

You’re trying to change from back then (past) and try SO HARD to create something new only to feel the same loneliness, the same beliefs, thoughts, and stories of “why does THIS always happen to me?”. 

This is chaos internally, this is not functional long term for you, your body/health, your children, the people around you, and it is not loving towards yourself.

Why do things that resemble your past KEEP SHOWING UP?

In a different person, in a different relationship, those similar feelings, and sensations that just won’t go away… This is not your fault. 

It shows up because you haven’t felt it all yet. 

And maybe you keep it away by numbing, drinking, being busy, ultra-focused, working too much or scattering your energy everywhere.

So, The same chaos
The same heartache 
Always returning…

And it will keep returning! 

It is up to you to recognise where you continue to give your past such power, to who? to what? and why?

The only way through is by FEELING IT so you no longer have to hold it in the body.

It needs to eventually move through the body: through tears, movement, intention, grief, sadness, and joy. (so many other things).

Whatever it is, it needs a name, a sensation, and a way out of your vessel through active acknowledgment and willingness – it’s uncomfortable.

It is not easy!

You’ll never see what’s in front of you and you will ALWAYS recreate the thing you don’t want or you are trying to stay away from.

It’s a universal law.

It will keep showing up because you haven’t let go or done the work to feel it and release it. 

That’s right… the past situation, the person that was so hard to be with or leave and the suppression that follows will all be there to hold your hand as the comfortable KNOWN. 

Now, do you really WANT to choose that? Most of us don’t mean to.

It is buried somewhere in there, inside us, usually under the closed-off label or too fragile, wounded, or not safe to feel yet –

When you are ready you will see a Do not enter sign hanging on it…. usually, we have spent ALOT of precious energy learning to avoid it and COPE.

The thing you don’t want engulfs you and your life without you knowing it!And around you go, cycling… 

– The marriage you left will never truly leave you.
– The pain of giving it all away to people stores deep only to realise it spills out into your life because it wasn’t safe to feel at the time or it was too much.

The good news is you can feel it now if you choose when the time is right. You can free yourself.

You can’t make anyone see or feel what they aren’t ready to and if this is you then don’t wait around at the cost of yourself, that’s something you’ll need to rectify and release and change the ending for yourself now. 

Have you done the work to where it’s only been comfortable? 

Why won’t you go deeper? 

What support can you reach out to get help with this?

You’ll do anything when you have truly lost enough, had enough, hurt enough people or hurt yourself enough. 

I can tell you what we hold onto manifests as dis-ease in our precious bodies. 

Don’t wait for that to happen. 

Feel it to heal it. 
Process it and move it through. 

It is all energy and you deserve to be free.

Sending Love



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