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I love sharing about unconscious patterns.. so here we go again…

And it will be like that when you’re in a pattern, around and around one will loop.

Why is it so important to not be spilling unconscious behaviour out all over others?

Because it creates trauma in future generations.

I choose to be one to set the bloodline free.

I began studying hard on knowing how my mind works when I was diagnosed with cptsd, no matter how much I knew, the patterns never stopped until I explored the body.

Oh damnnnn I thought when I landed… the body had so much to say, it was heavy!

So this is why I talk about it, normalise healing as real and messy so it’s not so fluffy looking, I encourage self-work and try to explore different ways to say it.

So here’s a direct curiosity I found interesting enough to mention between enabling and compassion.

The feelings/actions I believe can feel similar which may trip you up as it once did to me.

ENABLING is people pleasing, basically, you can be stuck in a dysfunctional pattern and in a fawn response, being the fixer.

It may feel like the right thing and compassionate but lack boundaries which means you may encourage abuse in some way to continue or you self sacrifice and eventually that has a HUGE price! Often leading to suppression and discomfort.

COMPASSION is saying no to a pattern. It is sitting in discomfort to change a pattern. It is holding worthiness and respect within while you work out how you are willing to do it differently.

There’s discomfort either way.

If you want freedom then you might need to embrace a new avenue of showing up.

You may need to stop enabling and realise enabling isn’t for that person’s higher good either.

To be compassionate isn’t always nice & fluffy, it can be the hard no and choosing of self in the midst of discomfort, and it can be leaving toxicity behind when that’s all you’ve known.

In my opinion, i believe;

Compassion says “I am willing to work on that”.

Enabling says “that’s just how it is, there is no point trying, that’s just how it will always be”.

To be truly compassionate at the core is courage.

I celebrate compassion
I celebrate love



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