aligned clarity

The things that scare us the most
The things that challenge us the most

Are always the doorway to purpose

The door is always there

I feel i have arrived at these doors enough times to know how possible it is to do it with a sense of fear with me

If it doesn’t make my throat wanna seize up, my voice shake or bring me nerves that take me over then I’m not going for it

Are we here to give half of us?
I remind myself what is half a message?
Half a story…

There is so much to learn from fear but the problem is we aren’t shown how to view it or sit in it.

How to go all in with it there.
All the way in.

Instead we are TAUGHT to play it small, just around the edges of safety and keeping people around us comfortable – giving them what they want to hear, what we think they want or what they tell us.

This is severely self abandoning behaviour.

Its self abandoning to not look at your fear and blocks to your own greatness.

To follow the fear while bringing the nervous system and body online and into rest.

Taking pauses to reflect and work on self, fill the cup and do whats necessary for forward movement.

If the edges we play in are again a little too close for comfort. Oldness seeps through and we can be reminded to clear more, which takes the desire to rest, to do inner work and then arise again. New.

Through the exploration of fear, every time it says its actually deep down grief… grief of not letting go, grief of self abandoning, grief to playing it small..

The why behind those grievances i believe are the answer to the deepest purpose i feel we will ever encounter.



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