NEW TIMELINES – what and how?

Right now, as I see the world through my eyes we have so much opportunity for growth and change.

To create a new timeline is to understand more and have a deeper, wider, and expanding perspective.

To not see so many things as good or bad.

Where do we get that information that something was bad or good anyway?
(Think about that- what is the source for you and why and is it still valid)?

To be in a new way of living is to be curious, with patterns that create behaviors, with what we hold and why we still hold on.

New timelines ask you to clear out the closets and upgrade your system so you can feel more and more aligned to purpose and at peace.

Becoming more and more yourself as you experience, process, embody, and transmute the old timeline.

This happens differently for everyone, but the similarities are:
– physical changes
– purging/clearing out of what’s known
– unknown feelings
– external world-shifting
– realizations, more understanding
– deeper connections & synchronicities

As you shift to a new timeline you are developing awareness and expanding consciousness beyond what you knew before – these transitions are a process.

The first few may seem bigger and harder but as you evolve you manage to know your inner world and develop the trust to continue with more ease and grace than before.

Contemplate your beautiful life:
– What are you stepping into?
– what no longer serves you?
– what small step can you commit to right now to change one small thing.
– Where could you be more curious within yourself?
– what is your focus on?

Write it out, talk it out, dream about it, meditate on it, bring it into your field whatever way feels right and start to see how the inner world shapes your outer world.

It truly is a beautiful life. An inspiring, change-making time to be alive.

Asking us all to step intentionally onto a new timeline, a newer version of ourselves, if we can start doing this IMAGINE the opportunities and change we could see in this time of living.

If you are not awake yet, it is most certainly time to wake up, rattle the cage and free your fine self into endless possibilities.
New Earth is calling.


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