meditate ponder

And sometimes you gotta leave it behind…

Such a wildfire
Spitting flames into yesterday
Melting hearts
Beating upside down

Clear confusing divinity
The painfully joyous opening
What an alarmingly beautiful paradox
To be here learning it

Peeling apart
Inch by inch uncovering what was before conditioning touched it
And it is over before it began again
Just like that

Music plays loud
Let it go
Leaving it behind
There’s no place quite like it is there?

Taking that step towards the center
Settling in wholeheartedly
Here it stays
Within the open depths

Chosen entirely
And it says fuck it dive in
Powerful surrendered state
Internal and vast

Arriving bare feet to the earth
She holds it
And she says to never let anyone tell you any different

You are nothing
And everything
And it’s an honor to feel it all

To be choosing self
So another self can do the same

Walk into the wildfire
With nothing
And everything
Come out new
But first,
Leave it behind



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