Main Stream Matrix:
“Congratulations you are an adult, 
Welcome to responsibility, 
Burden yourself, 
Forget yourself, 
Make another happy at the cost of yourself and call it a marriage, 
Make sure you take fake happy snaps and put them on socials so people don’t see any pain or REALNESS of your situation, 
Move to time but never have enough,
Be driven by money,
Call sex connection but don’t dare talk about your feelings,
Need more things – CONSUME damnit!
Don’t work on your wounds just take medication and suppress it with alcohol and codependency,
Listen to media and not your heart,
Do not be different,
Just follow the leader”.

What if you gave yourself permission right now to flow to the rhythm of self, to go against the grain of everything we were conditioned to do.

It comes so naturally for some but for others, it is so scary and I see you, I can feel how hard it is for you, I have been there too.

What’s on the other side of change has to be louder than what’s immediately before you.

Just imagine a new timeline
One where you gift yourself FULL permission
To live again, different
To play
To love big
To open again
To choose you
To reshape your universe
To speak up
To have your needs met
To not be afraid
To not fear judgment
To be curious
To rest

This is where we are heading
Through the places that scare you
Start holding your vision of what’s on the other side
You are the creator
Its time to consciously step in
Get cosy in the uncertainty

Enjoy a permission slip of freedom to create

Why not?


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