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If you can right now just feel into and own the sensations of what feels light and heavy specifically to you.

And by this, I don’t mean thinking what feels right or wrong or going into any outdated yesterday ways. 

Keyword = FEEL.

When you sense the feeling of light no matter how subtle that is, you have found your yes to keeping your energy strong. When you say yes then you will feel flow follow it, maybe even relief and a lightness continues because you didn’t choose the heavy sensation.

Sometimes choosing the light/yes way means you leave things behind and it doesn’t feel so good at the time but there is a knowing it’ll all be okay. 

When you sense the feeling of heavy, even if it’s comfortable and you choose the opposite which is light although slightly uncomfortable at the time, you then begin to change pathways to a new way of experiencing because you are tuning in. 

Tuning inward where all the answers are and where they have always been. 

Practice this. 

Heavy feeling choices tend to be repetitive, known, the comfortable things, where when you make the choice sometimes out of habit and without really tuning in you experience lower vibrational responses like frustration, agitation or worse you might do the poor me thing and make others around you feel heavy too.

So when you get your sense of light which serves your good strong kept energy and you get the sense of heavy which does not fill your cup or make you feel good then what’s next?

You must be willing to honor the feelings when you tune in. Not manipulate them into what you think is right or how you did it yesterday, we are in the feels when we really work with what is going to serve us moving forward. 

This kind of choice into your way of living is going to expand your known into wide open spaces and what do we do with wide-open spaces, we create. 

What do we create? Whatever the hell it is that you want to create. 

By feeling the feeling and amplifying it, simply just like it’s already here.

And that my friends, is how you make the choices to keep your energy strong, and even past that it’s how you start to create paths of unlimited amounts of awesome with the new spaces you will very soon start to discover all around you.

Sit back, let the old fall away, reflect with gratitude, be compassionate on the journey, that way when you open to creating it’s going to be in alignment and of your highest good along with the highest good of everyone that surrounds you.

Welcome and know the new sensations towards honoring a new path. 



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