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It’s a trap! 

What if the truth was that you were in fact only trapping yourself. 

Past trapping. Future trapping. Present moment trapping. Possibly having one big stubborn trap or possibly just setting traps all over the place.. These traps are here to keep you playing safe, feeling comfortable, and in what you know- which means they more than likely limit you.

Why would we do this you might be asking? 

Great question. The answer is first in how do you feel trapped in any way, shape, or form? 

The opposite of feeling trapped in my opinion is to be feeling free.

I invite you on a little explorative journey, yes right now, one with no judgment, attachment, or expectation, just for a moment… see what you find without trying as you read through some suggestions and guidance. 

Breathe. Find the feeling of trapped, caged, not being free somewhere within the body and tuning in to it from a place of observation. Take your time.

Where does the sense of being caged sit within you? What emotional charge is there and how does it show up? Which aspects of life aren’t you experiencing a sense of feeling free within? Let it unfold without trying to unfold it. Again, take your time. 

Now, finding how you set traps for yourself, a physical trap, it could be in a relationship, in choosing to sabotage something/s, in a job, in the procrastination, in the busy ‘no time’ structure, just gently finding and witnessing the version of what your personal trapping system may look like. It might not be pretty but that’s totally okay. 

Have no expectations here. Just let things come as you read.

Treating this like a mini-exploration and self-healing session just for yourself if you choose it. 

Stay with your breath. The next step is to own that you do things around this sense of feeling trapped. That’s why it’s there, it was implanted, shown, the behavior you had to adapt to for whatever the reason, or perhaps a safety mechanism created.

What things might you do that encourages a feeling of being blocked, trapped, or not free? How much you show up here in willingness and honesty is your choice. Take your time. 

Now, are you ready to own that this is present? Are you ready or willing to begin to work on this limitation? Are you ready or willing to step out of your own way?

Either way, yes or no… Can you now thank it for being there as you notice whether you would like to experience freedom in the area/s of life you have noticed this trapped sensation? 

Now let’s get it out and processed, grab a pen and paper to write about it or you can just speak it out loud. I will lead with an example:

I feel: closed in my chest and throat when I tune into a feeling of being trapped. 

There is: sadness behind the sensation. 

It blocks me from: fully experiencing love and openness in all areas of my life. I feel it was a behavior I adopted to help me feel safe. I have been creating this sense of safety since I was a young child. 

I own that: this feeling is within me. I own that it feels uncomfortable for me to be seen.

i deeply thank: this feeling for providing me with a way to cope with what I have experienced throughout my life so far. 

I no longer need to: hold this feeling or self-sabotage out of fear. I am safe now. It is safe for me to open. 

i am willing to: release it by opening to love within myself.

i take steps towards freedom by: creating a self-care routine, practicing self-love, finding/calling in places, people, experiences that allow me to be seen throughout my opening process.

My new Mantra is: I am Open. In Opening I receive. I am Loved. I am Safe.

And just like that… whatever your version of this looks like, take a breath and feel a sense of freeness that perhaps you didn’t before. 

The point of me showing up with this blog is to show that healing parts of ourselves can feel shitty, scary, uncomfortable, and hard especially when I use the word TRAP.. that was intentional for impact purposes… but it’s true. Long have we limited ourselves, no longer do we have to. 

Going to these places can also feel very liberating and with practice becoming easier each time, freedom can flow into your life when you’re ready and destroy those outdated blocks that have possibly been long-held and possibly never brought to the light to look at. Life can change by making one small shift at a time. Sensations held in the body, for a period of time tend to store and create all kinds of reactions.

The body is a messenger and when you feel into it you really have all of your own answers.

You can create a sense of FREEDOM when you allow yourself to look within, to put the old stuff not serving you down. Or even just to have a peek into the realization of “oh that thing IS there, I’m really doing those things, wow that’s old”. Maybe it even sparks one beautiful question for any kind of discovery, all responses are great. 

Beautiful Gifting Awareness. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 

Getting out of your own way will be the best thing you ever do. 



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