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What is all this? Come home to the self.

People, places, situations, let’s just say LIFE is always asking you to choose. Why is this? 

Have you pondered that before or moved past those thoughts around “why is this happening”?.

Just for a moment, I invite you to sense that feeling of being pulled out of a comfortable bubble of known safety that you become accustomed to, where you think that is it. I’ve reached ‘the thing’ and now I am here, sense how limiting that may actually be not only for you but those around you, sense how frequently you may be getting pulled, shocked, or easing your way out of this comfy bubble, I personally feel like it depends largely on your sense of wonder just how much you are bursting through your own barriers… 

Do you wonder? Have you stopped wondering? Being in a state of awe and wonder is for everyone. Your inner child wants to sense it, he or she wants to come out and play and see what is in fact truly possible for you through wonder. 

The universal plan, karma, your blueprint of existence, whatever you call this, it asks you to find your path and along the way you are asked to choose it, the path is your unique alignment to the self, a place that feels authentically home to you every time you choose it, the thing that allows you to feel free – like the expansive wonderfully awesome light being that you truly are. 

Choosing the self is a complete honoring and time and time again will provide you with nothing but magic. Is it always easy? No. I’m not here to make this feel comfortable or something it is not. Can it be easy? Also Yes.

If you actively choose your unique alignment, the innate inner knowing of YOU, things show up in all ways, shapes, and forms that are exactly what you need, moment to moment. 

Values might start to change, you may encounter a life-changing event, you may find yourself in a yoga class one day literally finding your self and boom things are now different, You might find people, places, things that teach you and lead you to more and more open awareness and life changes, this is when the choice of knowing the self may or may not occur.

So often we are shown to conform, to find structure, to follow systems that are in place like that is the path and we are shown how to not question it.

Did you come here to be a robot? Really… 

This point in the existence of whatever this experience of life is for you, whatever your beliefs you may be feeling a call deep within if you haven’t already. This energy is moving upwards and it’s collective, it will resonate with people that seek change, to the people that have no choice but to change, it will ripple out wider and deeper from each of us choosing to see and experience the self and this is the next call of evolution. 

Oh and if you’re wondering what ‘the self’ is I’m speaking of, awesome, and thank you for wondering. 

The self is you, past the mind, past the body, past all of your reference points to what you think you are or have to be, past all the things that have happened to you, past time and space, I’m sure it is beyond our wildest imagination.

The self is the part of you that is everything possibly ever-connected and nothing all at once. 

The self, when chosen will show you this experience is an incredibly necessary speck of divine universal unfolding that will all make sense when it’s supposed to if ever that time comes. But most of all the self ever so wonderfully shows us to sense wonder and to choose it.

Take a moment to feel just how expansive you are. Feel grateful for the moment. 

Yours in a continuous wonder filled choosing, 



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