Dear all the GIVERS,


Exploring what it means to receive.

How we can’t control or plan every little thing and how it’s accepted or offered.

Seeing the blessings more in the small things and holding accountability to when it feels hard to open to support and receiving.

Letting it in slowly so the body can know the experience well and remember it.

Receiving unfortunately has turned into more of a skill to learn rather than being recognised as a human need and right.

In case no one has told you lately, as you are right now you deserve to receive – there is nothing extra you have to be or do.

There are takers that receive so abundantly throwing the world out of balance with a power struggle, which is enabled by us who cannot receive well.

Is it time to stand up and receive something?

Is it time for boundaries to become more in balance with this element?

Rest easy, let it open and learn the skill of receiving – returning to a way to live that might have been taken from you in so many ways.

You are deserving.

Time to open to it in ways where it can feel safe.

Don’t expect yourself to be as good as others at it and be prepared to feel guilty, ashamed or bad for receiving.

This is part of the healing process.
These are some of my thoughts on receiving.

No more giving at the cost of yourself.
It’s more compassionate to not enable behaviour than it is to entertain it.

Much Love



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