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So, what do I do for a living?

“I go through learnings and deep self-work to connect with insights and realisations through my experience of awakening. I choose to then share the wisdom and lessons through an open heart with the world, and in being authentic I reflect truth. In truth, I align to who needs me at exactly the right time and in turn, I am blessed to witness alignment to awakening all around me”.

Energy is everywhere, its what we are made up of. For the most part, I have felt a sense of so much more past a known reality my whole life, so it didn’t surprise me when I found my calling to work with energy healing at a young age. Universal flow and energetics is something that deeply makes sense to me and is easily felt, understood and accepted without any question. It felt home for me to learn and know everything is connected and when I stepped into bodywork at 24, I could sense more than just muscles in a body.

I began to feel how things linked in connection and put the pieces together. I taught myself to feel deeper than what was presenting as an issue for someone, and I could sense emotional charges behind what was being stored within them.

I remember reading Louise L Hay’s book Heal Your Body, and it opened a whole world of complete “A-Ha” moments for me in that time of life. So much so that I still have her book in my clinic all these years later to refer to. It was the information that expanded me past trigger points and muscle release techniques, into having conversations with clients around what I felt was stored in their body. I started to notice it had a much more profound healing effect, even just for my client’s to acknowledge when an injury started and what was happening at the time. Then to move into a conversation and healing around it still being carried, then to watch someone take off on a journey to deeper awareness and self-healing – I knew that’s where it was at for me.

Harnessing my own gifts and knowing to trust in these abilities and to be in full expression of them, has always been a struggle for me. This type of work always challenged me until I learnt to trust. Past the knowledge I had and into the wisdom I was receiving… and in all honesty, this is a constant learning for me too.

Once I began to trust, more synchronicities would land, deeper healings would occur, and my path would change… and change again. My psychic abilities opened and it’s here, in the unknown, I have accepted I need to surrender – over and over again. From here, I let the way of working in energetics unfold for me as its meant to, in divine timing.

The most interesting part of working with energy for me is that I move through the learnings like I’m being shown, because soon after I will be teaching them. So if I don’t step up to my healing and self-growth, I can feel stagnant – not only in my life but in my work too.

I can shift, heal and know new doors will open for me. I am guided by a flow state. To be present all the time in this reality is not easy but the more we practice the easier it gets, the more present we are in the moment, the more wisdom is accessed and felt. I love that energy work asks me to get out of my own way and to allow the energy to move through me, not from me. No force lives here. Just magic.

Being of service as a lightworker keeps me in check constantly with the flow and evolution of this experience. It keeps me connected to an open heart and the most fulfilling experiences.


In Gratitude and Flow,



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