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As I free write, it calls me to break down some layers in simple form on ways to be in the world. I’m not here to be fancy or complicated, I am here to be real and helpful. This is how I decipher mind, body and soul in this moment, in this brief exploration.

I find unfolding different ways of knowing how to be here helps to align to what resonates and it can be a great tool to shift perspective really quickly, to avoid the good old loops we find ourselves in.

By loops, I mean cycles and patterns of behaviours. Like a set of instructions being followed that we have become really good at with practice. These instructions have been shown to you your whole life, forming your conditioning. What you think is right and wrong, what you believe about yourself or the world. I feel like when I witness myself moving in the world from a place of conditioning and programming, it feels robotic – there is no connection. It feels frustrating because I’m in my head and usually forcing things to happen the way I know it to happen rather than letting a beautiful new experience land for me. It always pulls me off track from my alignment and I experience barriers to intuition and flow.

The mind thinks thoughts, it runs a program of the known. What’s known is what feels comfortable to us, even if it’s unconscious and actually not serving us. We do it until we change it.

Thoughts are powerful. The program you run is what you create for your future, in every moment – all the thoughts.

The body is designed to feel emotions, to be the vessel we occupy for a time, but sometimes only the first layer is accessed and we stay in thoughts, patterns and loops and don’t drop into the physical body. Because the body asks us to feel the emotions, these emotions if unattended are suppressed in storage and create dis-ease in the physical.

The Spiritual essence of us is expansive, it relates to space and connection to everything. To oneness. We can move from our mental thought patterns, to feeling, moving and grounding in the physical. From there present moment awareness can bring in the alignment to self/ soul/ spirit/ source/ god/ universe – whatever you call it.

To think there is one layer and to not access a full experience is an injustice to the self. All can be explored in such a beautiful journey or rollercoaster ride to the self – like a practice of going home over and over again. Moving through your layers in your own unique way is a blessing to the self and everyone around you.

I highly encourage exploring those layers and edges, test them out, dip a toe in being here differently, see how it feels. Especially next time you feel yourself saying or thinking to yourself “Why me?” or “Here it is again” – that’s a loop. An expected thought patterning creating your future. Drop into what is behind this thought? What’s in my mind and what’s in my heart? The answer is there when you are ready to ask.

When you drop into the body and feel what’s living there, what’s behind that, the truth felt in a non-judgmental and loving way is the most healthy action to changing any patterns. Moving through that first layer of thought to feeling creates mind-body connection, and this is such a gift to your healing and to discovering your most authentic self.

From there, transcending the pattern is so possible and to free the feeling in the physical brings you closer to wisdom and your own unique flow.

Enjoy the exploration and moving through your layers, it’s an experience broken down – that’s all it is. And good on you for going there, remembering there is no right or wrong. You are on your own ride and you have full permission to do it however it needs to be done. With choice, I want to mention, I feel there is responsibility – whether you are willing to take ownership or not.

I believe it’d be so beautiful to witness a larger scale of creating this awareness because just one person this may have reached can action change and it be felt by the next person. And collectively the outcome is up we go, raising the vibration, creating more conscious humans and more conscious connection. Changing the way of the world.

New You Equals New Earth.

It is all imperfectly perfect, in all ways, always.



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