The book I wrote last year is coming out soon, here are some pieces from it:

“Are you willing to let people that are not in full alignment to you to fall away as you choose your absolute truth?

And can you prepare to feel free to be all of who you are with no apology?

You will begin to liberate yourself from everything that is old, outdated, and not serving you.

These steps are beyond powerful in anyone’s life and making these moves gives permission for those around you to do the same thing.

If we all lived a little more truthful to what’s in our heart I believe we could change the world”.  —Jessie Moss—

We travel together
Not so much knowing where we end up
But exploring the trust to travel

Ride uncertainty all the way home
Go in. Within.

I pinch myself that I am here
Teaching and guiding the return to light,
Making friends with and supporting the shadow,
I am always learning too.

Truth and trust—- Lean in.

Expansive and free
I see you set yourself free
No more carrying

Thank you for being light in the world and connecting back to the beautiful truth of you.



“Truth is something which can’t be told in a few words. Those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning.”—- Anais Nin

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