To all the places you need to go
It asks “are you listening to what I’m showing you”
It encourages the heart to hear louder
Amongst the distractions it provides
Or the busy we put in the way of deep listening

Maybe the direction you planned
Is now not where you are going
Will faith come over prioritising fear
Can life take you where you need to be
Simply by listening, deeper.

Life creates noise if you let it
It can be a very messy situation
Maybe the mess is part of it asking you
“Hey, slow down and listen”.
“You are missing it”

Missing what is truly important
Missing the things your soul calls for
By being so busy you miss life
Life is missing you in your entirety

Choice to listen deeper in a moment of chaos
What needs to fall apart to be new now
Where is life taking you
Are you listening with your whole body?

A reminder to listen to your life today
Through your body



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