heal trauma

Most of us… (or all of us)?
Have trauma stored in the body.
Doing our best to survive.
Coping the best way we know how.

We are all warrior people.
In a world thats seems to have gone to lemons…
“It must”! they say so we can start again.

How long does one wait to start again?
While waiting do we spend energy fighting.

Fighting what essentially is our own demons and beliefs all the way to every Sunday—-
to find out its always been simple.

Who made us afraid of the dark?

To find out these bad horrible demons & self sabotaging beliefs are simply conditioning.

A lot of it —- not even ours to hold onto.
Never was.

It has always been our own childlike parts needing to be self led through love and holding.

Not fighting at all.

Internal battles to be right while being righteous.
Love lost through actions of old rejection.
Hearts closed and scared to open because of what happened before.
Clinging to the old out of fear to the new.
Worried how others view us from being judged or humiliated back then.
Needing to be seen a certain way so giving up peace to control.

Hug yourself.
The little one inside needs something from you.
Love it all like the whole being it always was.
Before the world made him or her see lemons as sour.

All i can do is work on myself.
Watch myself as i learn to be whole & home.
Ive been lost, an endless dreamer.
I learned early to thrive in chaos.
I had a tendency to invite it and now i know why.
So i believe we are already there.
Exactly there in fact.
We walk a new earth right now.
Perhaps its still a salty world that seems upside down.
But its one thats made sweet with kindness.
And these experiences that can open us.
If we choose it…

How sweet it can be looking through lemons.
No longer in chaos or dreaming.
But here.
Without needing to be anywhere else.
Or be anyone else.
I am the soul i am.
Nothing more, nothing less.
And i am self led because i choose to be.
I give up control to making things comfortable because every-time i have tried i am shown the opposite.
Touché universe.
Thank you for helping me remember.

Heart Anchored Blessings
?Jessie ?

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