The castle archetype is loaded with duality.

A castle is built – nothing is to get in and one is safe.

But one cannot be castle bound and safe while easily running barefoot in the forest and free from the constraints the walls suggest.

Nothing in can equal Nothing out.

A castle may represent safety but it represents stuckness in my view too.

What walls do we hide behind?
And why did we need them?
Do we still?

Walls divide and create separateness and if we don’t know ourselves to the best of our ability i don’t believe we can say we are fully free.

There are times to want to feel safe in the walls you built for a good reason and there are times that call you to smash a wall down and declare your freedom.

Be careful not to cage the self, or lock it out.

Embracing the concept maybe think of building fences only where boundaries need be.

Boundaries can adjust and move as you grow.

Walls are rigid, possibly blocking out the sun and growth to all things and will keep you in the shadows.

I believe personal power resides largely in ones ability to make choices from within.

To live open requires walls to lower and hearts to mend, to be safe and align in your souls integrity one must set boundaries.

Let the rest fall away.

Blessings always,



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